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Auto-Stak Systems, Inc.
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Auto-Stak Systems, Inc.
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umbrella shed
A-frame vertical storage rack
pallet rack
exterior cantilever rack
three sided shed
portable stacking rack

auto-stak Systems, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and installs rack storage systems, pre-engineered metal buildings and bulk storage sheds for the lumber and building material industry.

auto-stak System
Our Products Include:
Automated Auto-Stak System
Cantilever racks
A-frame vertical storage racks
Pallet racks
Door and windows racks
Portable stack racks
Free standing and rack supported mezzanines
Drive-thru rack supported buildings
Drive-in rack
Push-back rack
Pre-engineered metal buildings and sheds

Known as the industry innovator, Auto-Stak pioneered the automatic end loading system for building materials more than 20 years ago. Now with over 1500 installations, Auto-Stak is truly the undisputed leader in this field.

Auto-Stak has offices in the United States and Canada, each with a national sales force, in-house design and CAD departments, registered engineers and equipment installers in all states and provinces.

The experts at Auto-Stak have vast experience in the design and construction of lumber and material handling systems. Systems designed to solve your storage needs today yet flexible enough to satisfy any future plans. Their team of knowledgeable professionals has become the industry leader by ensuring every storage system is as efficient, reliable and affordable as possible.

Cantilever T-Shed